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Sylmara Chatman, MD, PC

Dr. Chatman is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician. She has been managing chronic diseases for over 20 years. Recently, she opened The Center for Functional Health and Wellness and launched the “Perfect You Lifestyle Wellness Program.” Her desire to include this program was due to the increasing number of prescription medicines taken by her patients, concern for side effects and a need for disease prevention and health education. She also recognized many of her patients could be better helped if they were given the tools to implement affective lifestyle change into their lives. The Center for Functional Health and Wellness uses a method of diagnosis specifically designed to identify, treat and prevent chronic illnesses. They integrate each patient’s individual history, genetics, laboratory studies and lifestyle factors to produce optimal results. The Center for Functional Health and Wellness provides mentoring services to teach their patients how to implement a lasting lifestyle change based upon their unique medical conditions and diagnostic test results.

Functional medicine is a method of practice that focuses on the true underlying cause of the medical problem. This allows for the treatment of the actual cause of the condition and not just the symptoms, correcting the dysfunction, not altering the labs with drugs and addressing the body, as a whole. Using a comprehensive and refreshing approach to body transformation, Dr Chatman incorporates traditional medicine, education, mentoring and permanent weight control to customize a lifestyle program uniquely for her patients. Her success is phenomenal! Most of her patients report a minimal 10 lbs or more of weight loss in less than three months, improved sleep, improved blood sugars, reduction in prescription medication and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Dr. Chatman is one of the first physicians in the country to offer this proven program of success and is answering the demand for better healthcare by reducing prescription medication through education, awareness and health conscience empowerment.

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